Build your own


  • Everyone can create his own Enigmabox image for any device, e.g. Beaglebone, Cubieboard, …
  • Occupy activists: Plug in your boxes, mesh net builds up, encrypted communications infrastructure is ready to use - telephony, email, Twitter (Teletext) - everything works independently of the internet
  • Internet uplinks can be used, if there are any - other nodes relay that internet access to the network
  • Or neighbourhood LAN: Everyone has a Beaglebone, one provides internet access for the others


Assemble all parts by yourself.

You need:

Allnet Banana Pi CHF 35.-
Banana Pi case CHF 10.-
SD-Card (4GB, Class 10) CHF 10.-
USB ethernet adapter CHF 20.-
Network cable CHF 2.-
Micro-USB cable CHF 2.-
Total: CHF 79.-


VoIP telephone CHF 40.-

Download firmware

Enigmabox firmware for Banana Pi: firmware-4G.img.gz (last built: August 25, 2018)

Signature: firmware-4G.img.gz.sig

Our RSA public key: rsa-pubkey.pem

Check signature

openssl dgst -sha512 -verify rsa-pubkey.pem -signature firmware-4G.img.gz.sig firmware-4G.img.gz


Verified OK

The firmware is broken if the verification fails!

Load the firmware on the SD-card

On Linux:

zcat firmware-4G.img.gz | dd bs=4M of=/dev/sdX

(replace X with the according letter of the SD-card)

Detailed descriptions on how to load images can be found on the Raspberry Pi website.

The sourcecode of the firmware is on GitHub:

Connecting cables

Connect the network cable from the router to the USB ethernet adapter.

After the first boot

The freshly loaded firmware configures itself on the first boot, e.g. setting initial passwords and firewall rules and generating an IPv6 with the corresponding private key.

The web interface can be reached under http://box/

Set up connectivity

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