Configure ad blocking

Common configuration

There is a proxy server running on the Enigmabox which filters out ads on websites. You can turn several options on and off. Or simply block the big data collectors like Google and Facebook with one single click. Like-buttons vanish, no more requests go to Google. They don’t know anymore which websites you visit.


Surfing without ad blocking. The site is crowded with banners, which slows down the surf experience.


You only see what you really wanted to see.

Tracker and analytics bullshit

Here you can see what is being filtered out, respectively, what is on this sites all the time! This example is from a famous swiss propaganda website.

Filtering rules

You can define your own rules. In the following example, all JavaScript files and webfonts are being filtered out, and access to a boring website and all contents hosted there is being blocked.

Hint: This also works with ip addresses. You can define any pattern and it matches any part in a URL.

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