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 +====== The Masterplan ======
 +===== Phase One =====
 +Roll out as many [[start|cjdns Boxes]] as possible. Provide VPN-Access to the Clearnet. (Since people still depend mostly on the old internet and need to access its services). Develop, integrate and configure known internet services such as email, VoIP, XMPP, Twitter, //​[your-IPv6-compatible-service-here]//​ to run seamlessly with cjdns in a decentralized manner.
 +===== Phase Two =====
 +Promote [[cipherspace:​cjdns|cjdns]]. Help everyone getting into the [[cipherspace:​hyperboria|Hyperboria]] network. Encryption shall be the default. cjdns does not depend on existing IP networks. Run your own wires. Persuade ISPs to use cjdns. Build [[cipherspace:​meshnet|mesh islands]]. Merge them together. Grow.
 +===== Phase Three =====
 +The ICANN internet goes dark. Hyperboria will be the new Internet. A white network of Light.
 +The NSA is obsolete.
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