Roadmap & ideas

Switch to most recent cjdns

Current situation: existing network with cjdroute-v6. Testnet with cjdroute-v10. Separate networks, bad.

  • cjdroute-v10 needs new topology
  • build a testnet with new topology (Banana Pi, APU OpenWrt)
  • existing network:
    • have both cjdroute-v6 and cjdroute-v10
    • user can choose and switch between them
    • on servers, cjdroute-v6 and cjdroute-v10 running simultaneously
    • together with new and old peering topology

Project page


End of October: Testnet running, used by Banana Pi and APU OpenWrt
End of December: Coexisting cjdroute-v6 and cjdroute-v10 on the existing network, users can choose
Somewhere in the near future: Switching everyone to cjdroute-v10, merging testnet with existing net if testnet has proven stable

Migration from Debian to OpenWrt

  • Provide a sysupgrade (needs implementation, similar functionality as in OpenWrt) –> done.


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