End-to-end encrypted, forward secret email, from box to box. No metadata is leaked.


Add a hostname + ipv6 in the addressbook:

alice fc9e:3c1d:e13d:7cc4:303b:4dd9:bb46:e174

Use “box” as email server.

pop3: box
imap: box

Sending emails

  • Send an email to mail@alice ← domain is the relevant part
  • Mailserver must rewrite the hostname to ipv6, using the addressbook
  • Box sends email to mail@[fc9e:3c1d:e13d:7cc4:303b:4dd9:bb46:e174]

Receiving emails

  • Mail drops in from mail@[fc9e:3c1d:e13d:7cc4:303b:4dd9:bb46:e174]
  • Rewrite ipv6 address to hostname, using the addressbook
  • Email client gets the mail mail@alice


  • Provide a webinterface, accessible under
  • Populate the webmail-addressbook with addresses from the Enigmabox-adressbook
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