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 +====== Enigmabox Documentation ======
 +The [[http://​enigmabox.net/​|Enigmabox]] is a ready to use [[cipherspace:​cjdns|cjdns]] appliance, offering perfect forward secret and end-to-end encrypted communications.
 +cjdns is a public-key crypto network protocol, the fingerprint is your IPv6 address. This means, your IP is your identity. So we can use it for various useful things, e.g. as an [[https://​enigmabox.net/​en/​cjdns-en/​|email address or a phone number]]. We will start preparing existing internet services like email or VoIP to use cjdns in this decentral manner. As a bonus, you can use the Enigmabox as a VPN box to encrypt your internet connection and access the old ICANN net, known today as "the internet"​.
 +===== Goals =====
 +  * Encrypt the entire planet
 +  * Make crypto accessible
 +  * Make secure and decentralized internet services available for the rest of us
 +How to achieve that: We have a [[masterplan|Masterplan]].
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